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You are probably planning a celebration.
Nothing is coincidental. That’s why
we would love to be by your side
and be part of that special day.

What type of event
would you like to organize?

Thinking how to organize a wedding or another kind of celebration always entails emotions that can cause
a great deal of anxiety.

That is why we will share the process with you and make sure we all enjoy it from the first moment.

We will be committed to listening to you and advising you to create a unique and unrepeatable
experience together, full of details that will reflect
excellence and exclusivity.

Magic is possible, and you will be the main figures of our magic event.

We advise you about everything your event needs

  • Venue rental, catering, decoration, technical equipment, audio-visual equipment, photography
  • Shows designed for every occasion, with our own staff of musicians and singers
  • Pre- and post-wedding events
  • Marriage proposals
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Christenings
  • First communions

We invite you to enter the link, where you will find tips,  steps to follow, and  everything you need for your wedding

Author events

Do you like to entertain and surprise? Can you imagine a celebration made to your
measure with artistic expressions that inspire? Discover the magic of our author events. Enjoy a different way to celebrate birthdays,

anniversaries, inaugurations, meetings with family or friends, and all meetings that invites you to live and share a unique moment. Let yourself be surprised by musicians, actors, singers, dancers and visual artists who will make your dreams. The setting: your farm, your boat or the place you prefer.

The format: we invite you to choose the one you like best.

We design and produce all kinds of corporate events

Congresses, Meetings, Product launches, MICE events

Majorca, the ideal destination for events

Majorca is the perfect place for events and celebrations.
Its beautiful environment, surrounded by sea and mountains, offers different natural settings, which makes the island a marvellous destination with a broad range of possibilities for planning events.

Another important aspect of this magic island is its gastronomy, and the many options it offers to complement the chosen event format, according to the style and personality of each celebration.

And all of this of course with the collaboration of a selected team of professionals from the different trades in order to turn each proposal into a success.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

About me

Loving and enjoying what one does is the key to transform each event into a priceless moment that will remain in the memories of the people involved forever. Sharing the magic of the different processes brings us close to our customers and makes us part of new stories that we save as valuable treasures. With over twenty years of experience in this creative and sensitive profession, I can only feel gratitude towards all the people who make it possible to discover a beautiful experience with every new project.