Do you like to entertain and surprise? Can you imagine a celebration made to your measure with artistic expressions that inspire?

Discover the magic of our author events. Enjoy a different way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, meetings with family or friends, and all meetings that invites you to live and share a unique moment.

Let yourself be surprised by musicians, actors, singers, dancers and visual artists who will make your dreams. The setting: your farm, your boat or the place you prefer.

The format: we invite you to choose the one you like best.

Tasting Art

Starting from a theme that inspires you – a piece of music, a book, a movie, a frame–, we create a unique and captivating event that combines, in a single entertainment, various art forms such as music, dance, theater and plastic art, with the language and style of each expression.

Savor the staging of your inspiring theme paired perfectly with a tailor-made gastronomic proposal. An experience to enjoy with all the senses.

A la carte Events

You choose the main theme: a film, a piece of music, a book, a painting, a sculpture…
We transform it into an artistic expression personalized and set down to the smallest details. and for you to live a complete sensory experience, we relate your theme with gastronomy and the cocktail bar.
What flavors and aromas do you like?
Our artists and chefs They are waiting for your preferences.
Enjoy your event a la carte.

Themed celebrations

What dream would you like to live? An imaginary trip?
A movie scene? A play? A music recital?
You just have to think about it and we make it happen. We create events that transport you to that place or that moment you dream of experiencing and sharing. experiences that surprise under an inspiring motto and where the guests can participate and be protagonists whenever they want. Get inspired and enjoy it.

Delivery of emotions

Do you want to send a gift or a message in an original and unique way?
Discover a delivery that amuses, amazes and excites: we burst into the street, in a restaurant, on a beach or in any other place of daily life to give a surprise to whoever you want. We do it through music dramatization and other artistic interventions. Give yourself the pleasure of surprising to celebrate, thank or fall in love.