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Thinking about having a wedding is always accompanied by emotions which can cause a lot of anxiety. That is why we will take care of sharing a process that we enjoy from the beginning.

It is our commitment to listen and advise them to create together with you a unique and unrepeatable experience, where excellence and exclusivity will be reflected in every detail.
Magic is possible and you will be protagonists

Why hire a
wedding planner?

Surely these points will be able to answer it:
  • Define the location for the chosen wedding style
  • Hire the right suppliers.
  • Advise on what really cannot be missing.
  • Surprise those who accompany us.
  • Prepare the budget.
  • Track contracted resources
  • Plan the logistics for the event.

Our work as Wedding Planner, are hours of dedication, putting our experience at the service so that the result is to live the happy ending that every couple dreams of.


Steps to follow


Get to know you and listen you to start outlining the celebration


Design and create the proposal Share our ideas and agree on the ideal style


Begin the process of preparing the resources for the wedding, enjoying every detail.


Live fully the long-awaited celebration.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!

Tips to not fail

The first thing we convey to the bride and groom is that they feel free to express what they like, what they dream of, without ties and impositions.

That day is unique and they must live it authentically, reflecting their true personality.

The couples who enjoyed the most and they lived their wedding with joy, they were always the ones who first of all said «Yes I want» to the freedom to choose and show themselves as they were…

Give us permission to choose with the naturalness of a child, It is what allows us to be true to ourselves.

Give us permission to choose ith the naturalness of a child, is what allows us to be true to ourselves.

What is your style?


Thinking of a Luxury Wedding is associated with a celebration where display, elegance and sophistication will mark the exquisite couple’s personality. The inspiration to design this type of wedding must combine maximum excellence in each of the resources to be hired together with the creativity and sensitivity of an artist to create a true staging tailored to a luxury wedding. Every detail must have own light and coexist in harmony with the tone of the proposal in general, so that the celebration is an authentic First Class sensory experience.


Boutique weddings are celebrations with a more intimate format, that offer a very exclusive proposal, where the personality of the bride and groom is reflected
in the smallest detail. Conceptually you are looking to leave conventional formats, highlighting the quality about the amount. Professionals of excellence are convened in each one of the items seeking to create a unique wedding and that cannot be compared with previously seen formats

On board

Weddings on board are celebrations with a more intimate format, and can be held entirely on the boat or a combination of sea and land. The decoration is designed in harmony with the surroundings, so the range of colors will be in blue and the colour of the earth combined with natural fibers and floral arrangements that will provide the ideal touch of freshness for this type of location. We recommend a light and fresh gourmet menu and a selection of drinks to accompany the different moments of the event.


This style of wedding is chosen by lovers of the sea and magical sunsets. With its bohemian touch, it is a proposal that both the bride and groom fall in love with. to those who are present to share that day. It is usually organized a symbolic ceremony, prior passage of the bride and groom through the civil registry, in a setting of wonderful landscapes. The decoration proposes marine details generally in light tones, light fabrics and furniture that can be combined different trends such as chill out or relaxed with the formal higher tables. The choice of gastronomy is wide, so it will be related to the preferences of the bride and groom.


They are celebrations where the essence and soul of the couple is transmitted in romantic messages that will be reflected from the invitations to every little detail that forms part of the design of the entire event. The location to choose will need to accompany with a special magic in a natural, unique and special environment. The decoration will be the indispensable ally to achieve that dream climate. Flowers, candles, posters, message boards, are some of the resources that should not be missing and that will make an emotional and special celebration.


The Wedding chosen by creative couples who prefer to opt for unconventional formats and celebrate their union with their own stamp. The options are endless so the design will be defined by a theme that inspires the couple. The choice of location, decoration and gastronomic proposal as well as the artistic, will be intimately related to each other and true to the style that identifies the chosen theme. The important thing is to recreate the proposal in a design that represents it but without overloading the spaces.


Holding a wedding in a countryside setting is the ideal setting for lovers of nature and the beauty of simplicity. It is generally recommended carry them out during the day to take advantage of the different options and nuances that They happen over the hours. The decoration will be in in tune with the environment, so the rustic, vintage, boho design goes very well with this type of celebration. Regarding the menu, in general, dishes with products from the area are usually chosen or from the same farms that prepare the catering with homegrown products.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable weddings accompany couples with an ecological lifestyle and who decide to celebrate their love respecting nature faithful to their philosophy. For this, the entire wedding design will be done in tune with biodegradable resources and recycled, from the outfits, invitations such as montages, gastronomy and proposed activities. They are celebrations during the day and in the open air, to avoid power consumption. The menu will be proposed on the basis of products natural, organic and proximity.


hand orders

turned into events intimates for the bride and groom, with a staging that dazzles, surprises and excites. We are specialists in creating unique moments

Majorca is a magic destination for weddings

We advise and we put all the resources under way to be able to make it come true the wedding in a heavenly place.

All inclusive weddings

We design, advise and organize the wedding from minute zero, with the option of pre and post wedding events if you want to include this type of service.

Coordination W-Day

We coordinate the entire wedding having in mind every detail


Location Hire



DJ Sound / Lighting

Author shows

Photography and video



Many times there are too many words and a photo reflects the happiness of reaching that important day in our lives with the joy of having shared a dream process.

Loving and enjoying what one does is the key to transform each event in an overcoming moment that transcends time.
Convey all our passion and dedication in what we do and that they feel contained is one of our main objectives when we start working with each couple.

Sharing such intense moments with the couple makes us close and allow us to live new stories that we keep forever as valuable treasures.

With more than twenty years dedicated to this creative and sensitive profession, I can only feel gratitude to life and everyone who does possible to discover a beautiful experience in each new project.